Organic spelt wholegrain couscous has a delicious taste. It is a light meal, which is why it is especially good on a summer day. Couscous is a type of meal made using a special procedure. It is made of organically produced spelt, which is an ancient grain and one of the first cultivated cereals. Couscous can be used in cuisine as rice or pasta. It can be a side dish, salad or dessert.

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Couscous is pasta made of durum wheat but it used to be made of millet. It is a Berber specialty and one of the principal dishes in northern Africa. It is prepared using a special dish. The bottom part of the dish is used to cook side dishes or soup, and the upper part is used to cook couscous in a special colander. Couscous should never be cooked in water. It will become soft and grainy only if steamed in soup or water.