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How is pasta cooked?

  • You need a pot that is large enough.
  • Then you cook in an uncovered pot and a large quantity of slightly salted water (for 100g of pasta you need 1l water and 2g salt). For one meal you need approximately 85 to 100g of pasta.
  • Put pasta in boiling salted water and start mixing immediately.
  • During cooking mix a few times.
  • Cooking time is marked on the packaging. They are properly cooked if they are firm to the bite (hard).
  • Drain the pasta immediately after it has been cooked. You can pour a table spoon of olive oil over the drained pasta and mix them. You can also enrich the flavour by adding melted butter but the pasta can stick together, therefore it is not recommended.
  • Pour cold water over the pasta only to prepare them as a cold dish or to keep them in the refrigerator.
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