Tri-colour mini penne pasta

The tri-colour mini penne pasta will bring autumn colours to your plate and offer three flavours for you to enjoy: nettle, pumpkin and beetroot.


Pipe rigate pasta made with nettles

Enjoy the pipe rigate pasta with a subtle hint of nettle.


Tri-colour mix

The mixture of brown rice, red quinoa and buckwheat is an excellent choice for cold salads, risottos and appetizers. You will undoubtedly discover your favourite way of preparing the mixture.


Organic spelt couscous

The mixture is made of organically produced spelt and can be served as a side dish, salad or dessert.



It can be used as a substitute for rice and other kinds of porridge. Bulgur is parboiled and coarsely ground durum wheat.


Red quinoa

It can be used to prepare tasty quinottos (risottos), salads, desserts, or it can be added to soups and smoothies.